About the Museum

The Mentzendorff’s House – a branch of the Riga Museum of History and Navigation – brings you in the cosy atmosphere of the 17 th –18 th cent. dwelling house. Having been opened since May 18, 1992, it is the only museum presenting social culture traditions of wealthy Rigans. Exposition is arranged in the house built in 1695 and up to 1939 it has been a dwelling house with storage rooms and a shop. The house has been renovated by Polish company “PKZ” and under the guidance of architect Pēteris Blūms.

Magnificent and original wall and ceiling paintings (17 th –18 th cent.) are the basis of the exposition. A fine selection of interior objects from the Riga Museum of History and Navigation conforms to these colourful visions of the past. Visitors are welcome to visit a shop room, a kitchen with a unique mantel-chimney, a saloon, a dancing hall, a “Poet’s room”, a family chapel, premises of the owner of the house, a “Young girl’s room”. As well as, explore the vaults of the historical cellar, and enjoy exhibition up in the attic exhibition hall.

The collection of the museum contains more than 2000 units – witnesses of the bygone times.

Museum is named after the family name of the last family who lived in this house – the Mentzendorffs. In the turn of the 19 th /20 th cent. August Mentzendorff – the owner of this house – sold the best coffee in town. Descendants of August Mencendorff still maintain relations with the museum and support it.

In the 17 th cent. the house belonged to a glazier Jürgen Helm and now the Mentzendorff’s House is a home for a Glass Art and Study Centre where any visitor can watch glass transforming into a piece of art or become a glass artist him/herself arranging it in advance.

Exhibitions in the attic exhibition hall change monthly.

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