Decorations and Bouquets – Latvian Folk Heritage.

Latvian folk art has been formed throughout the centuries and today can be viewed in treasuries. The form of art shows that our ancestors would have honored special occasions and anniversary celebrations by decorating their homes and surroundings. According to written and oral evidence, the concept – based exhibition of the Folk Studio of Applied Art (FSAA)“Rezēda”Home- Made Decorations and Bouquets in the Folk Traditions” focuses on the craft of authentic ornaments and the research of national designs.

During its 36- year- long work FSAA “Rezēda” has been researching Latvian national design and how it affects the human perception of color, feelings and emotions.

The exhibition displays the use of flora in decorations for special occasions and anniversary celebrations. Due to introduced innovations in national design, a new way of interpersonal exchange has been encouraged among people.

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