Exhibitions 2015:
Wax figure exhibition 13th December, 2014 – 1st February, 2015
Magic of dreams.  Photos and dolls 5th February  - 30th March
Ilze Dilane, Erling Gustafsson “The language of paper” 1st April – 30th April
Tatjana Anufrijeva “Philosophy of Silk” 2nd May – 7th June
Māris Priede. Photos 8th June – 30th June
Arnis Preiss.  ZUGU ceramics in Vidzeme 16th May – 3oth July
Evarist Berzins (USA). Photography exhibition “Drama in Black-and-white” 2nd July – 15th July
Tatjana Anufrijeva, Rolana Rudermane “Summer Mood” 16th July – 15th August
Mārtiņš Dāboliņš. Paintings 23th July – 24th August
Egonam Cēsniekam 100 – memorial exhibition 2nd September – 30th September
Petra Derkins, Raimonds Līcītis “Cosmic Sadness” 7th Oktober – 8th November


There may be changes at exhibitions!

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